Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Kitty!

Thursday morning, I was at my mother's cottage when someone knocked on her front door. When I opened the door the FedEx Lady was standing there holding a little kitten. She asked me if I would hold the kitten while she drove away, because the little guy kept crawling under her truck and she was afraid she'd run him over. So I took the cat and watched her drive away.
The rest is history...
Within 5 minutes he was named Roethlisberger.
Within the hour he was at the vet getting a flea treatment.
And the next day he had an appointment for his shots and tests.
And that is how we came to have a 3rd cat.
So here's the newest addition to the family!
aka Big Ben, or Kitty

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer and Savings

Reality has finally hit home. DH's paycheck as an intern is going to be, as Dan Rather would say, 'tighter than wet jeans.'

Which got me searching for some frugal lifestyle tips...

Enter the Southern Savers blog!

OMG! This blog is amazing! I have already totally organized my coupon binder and printed out TONS of coupons from the internet. I'm even going to buy 2 Sunday papers!

Did you know there are families out there that feed themselves on about $100 a month!?!??! And no, they aren't strictly vegetarians!

Check this out when you get a chance:

I'm totally psyched! Can't wait to start shopping, er, I mean saving!

and talking about psyched! Holy Mama! Check this out!

Why, oh, why must we wait until November?!??!?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl 43!

OMG I can't believe I haven't blogged since NOVEMBER! WTH!

I have a sleeping dude on my lap, so I'll be brief!

THE STEELERS WON!!! So Awesome. So Stressful! So proud of Ben! So dissappointed in Harrison.


XO to all!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


T'was the night before Twilight and all through the house, Beach Mama was surfing and moving her mouse.

Can you believe tomorrow is TWILIGHT! I am so there! I might have to see it twice this weekend! EEEKKK!

If you haven't purchased the soundtrack then GET ON IT! I love love love it. Listening to it all the time.

Here is a new music vid of one of the songs!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hi All,

My good friend Sabrina suggested we start a book club. After getting turned on to the Twilight Series, and my entire family catching vampire fever, I feel a hankering for another good book.

Hence, the BeachMama Book Club is born!

Our first official selection is... REVOLUTIONARY ROAD by Richard Yates

I've scoured the web and the cheapest copies are available at Amazon.

And, as an added bonus...

It's been made into a movie starring KATE WINSLET and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO!

Slated for release December 26, 2008!

Preview the movie/book here!

So get your copies! We begin reading October 17th!