Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer and Savings

Reality has finally hit home. DH's paycheck as an intern is going to be, as Dan Rather would say, 'tighter than wet jeans.'

Which got me searching for some frugal lifestyle tips...

Enter the Southern Savers blog!

OMG! This blog is amazing! I have already totally organized my coupon binder and printed out TONS of coupons from the internet. I'm even going to buy 2 Sunday papers!

Did you know there are families out there that feed themselves on about $100 a month!?!??! And no, they aren't strictly vegetarians!

Check this out when you get a chance:

I'm totally psyched! Can't wait to start shopping, er, I mean saving!

and talking about psyched! Holy Mama! Check this out!

Why, oh, why must we wait until November?!??!?