Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Recipe for LOVE

It's taken me weeks...

But I finally finished it!

For those of you who DON'T know, my dear sister - SurferGirl - is getting married next weekend. SurferGirl lives in Hot-lanta and I am a couple states north. My mom and I decided to have a recipe shower for her, since we and all our friends and family live in different states!

It's been months of collecting recipes and photos. Then editing them and designing the coolest most kick-ass cookbook EVER. Ok, well, I think that the Joy of Cooking officially has that title, but my little cookbook is way cuter.

You can find it here:
So cute and cool. I hope they love it and I hope the famn-damily loves it too. Feel free to buy your copy today!
I should have one copy at the wedding, and would LOVE it if contributors partying with us in the islands would sign their pages for the happy couple!
The little dude is asleep, so I should get some work done. I'll get back to my cute crafts etc... soon. This book has taken all my time and now I have to pack for the tropics and get ready for
SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! Go GIANTS! man i hate the pats. i hate them so much!!!