Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wedding Recovery

Well, we are back. I am almost fully recovered from the whirl-wind wedding weekend! It was amazing to see all the friends and family that I've been missing. Surfer Girl's new hubby's fam is cool too.

I'm adding pics to flickr and the happy couple is still on their cruise. I'm trying not to be jealous. But it is hard...

I'm just about fully unpacked. There are a few odds and ends that haven't found a home yet but I'm working on it.

Not one to sit still, I'm onto the next project! The kid room! I only got a couple of hours painting in this last week, but as soon as I finish this blog I'm getting back to it! My Little Mermaid and her bro are itching for their 'space' back. I'll take some pics today while I'm in there painting the mural. In the meantime - don't forget to order your super cool cookbook!