Thursday, September 27, 2007

Treasure Hunting!

One of my all time fav things to do is treasure hunt. My latest find was from one of the local Goodwill Thrift Stores. Of course it is beachy!

It was filled with a half burnt candle and burnt wax slopped all over. So I heated it up to get the wax off and cleaned that bad boy up! I LOVE MY NEW GLASS CONCH SHELL!

Today stopped at another thrift store before I picked up my Little Mermaid from school. Not much to report but I did get a few linens and a tea towel.

While looking through some eco-friendly articles on Etsy I decided to try living without (well, GREATLY REDUCING) my use of the papertowel and facial tissues. -Until I get a bidet the TP stays!-

Here are my linen finds for today.

Tonight I might decorate them a bit and show you the results manana!

Save the Earth!