Thursday, August 14, 2008

Creative Juice

While visiting my mom we've been watching a show on th DIY network called Creative Juice. It's one of those crafty shows that I want to hate, but just can't. Yes it's campy and the hosts can be a little corny, but that is all part of it's charm.

Today, Mom and I made bling rings. You know the rings that have loops on the top and you attach all sorts of beads and charms... I never made them before b/c i thought that I wouldn't like to weat them. WRONG! So fun and very cute, and we learned from our good friend Cathie Filian at Creative Juice.

Curious about Cathie, I googled her. She has a fun blog here at blogger: and she is a fellow Etsian:

Cathie, if you're out there and come across this blog, you have 2 new fans!

Your Virtual BFF!

Beach Mama