Saturday, August 23, 2008

Twilight Saga Shopping


I have just finished Breaking Dawn!

Don't worry, there are NO SPOILERS HERE.

If you haven't heard about Twilight, or Stephenie Meyers, Google it or search her on Amazon.

Or if you are too lazy click here:

Twilight ... $6.04

New Moon ... $11.99

Eclipse ... $10.99

Breaking Dawn ... $12.64

Stephenie Meyer official website


Now for those of you who are into the series and the new converts I've driven here...

Check out these unique handmade Twilight inspired items, made my fans and available for purchase at Each item has a link to the shop where you can buy it.

Bella's Bracelet

link to Bella's Bracelet

Made by BeachMama
Exclusively at Etsy

Inspired by Bella's Bracelet

Sterling Silver Necklace

Link to Necklace

Made by BeachMama
Exclusively at Etsy

Necklace Detail

Eclipse Ring $90 Link to Ring

Sterling Silver Oxidized texture with a 14k golden moon...
Top concave disc is about the size of a quarter.
Size 7 1/2 May be sized up to 8
Custom sizes happily made.

Made by Emaa Jewelry
Available Exclusively at Etsy

Vegetarian Vampire T-Shirt $21.99
Link to T-Shirt

embroided in the twilight font in silver surrounding the double V "fang" logo on a black Jerzees t-shirt.

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL

Made by Bowed Over
Available Exclusively at Etsy

Twilight Series Quote Pendant $22.99

Link to Pendants

All quote necklaces are done in the same format with silver toned chain and vibrant red fresh water pearl "blood drop"

Made by Wicked Gems
Exclusively at Etsy

Run with Vampires Bracelet $30.00

Link to Bracelet

Sterling silver chain with a sterling silver oval tag engraved with "I run with Vampires".
It also has a red enamled apple.

Made by Millie5328
Exclusively at Etsy

These are just some of the best of the best of the Twilight inspired items on Etsy.
I may post more soon, but be sure to read the books and search on Etsy for more!

Happy Reading!