Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ahhh.... Vacation time!

We are finally in Bogota, Colombia! Let me just say, the Colombian people are not only beautiful, but they are so welcoming and kind. Nearly everyone here speaks English, and WELL! Almost no hint of an accent. It sort of makes me feel ashamed, because it seems the only people who are bilingual in the USA are immigrants or 1st and 2nd generation Americans. I'm really motivated to learn Spanish now!

The flight from DC to Colombia was LONG and hard. It was totally full and I was stuck in a middle seat, with the Little Dude, away from the Little Mermaid and the Big Dude. Actually, I was in the row across from them. And there was THIS WOMAN! Argh! Yes, I'm talking about YOU Ms. 25C! She was sitting with my family and she was travelling with her son, who was a little younger than the Little Dude - maybe 18 months. She looked like a lizard and her son looked like a hobit. I only say this, b/c she never offered me her seat. So the Big Dude and I had to communicate by shouting over her and passing things infront of her. PLUS, the Little Dude had to stay with me the ENTIRE 5 1/2 HOUR FLIGHT! He was crying b/c he wanted to be with his sister and daddy so I gave him to the Big Dude at the beginning of the flight and the flight attendants told us that due to the number of oxygen masks, there could only be 1 lap child in a 3 seat row. AND since Gollum and her spawn were there, THE LITTLE DUDE COULD NOT! Now you see my frustration!

Well, it's over now. We are in our BEAUTIFUL hotel. We breezed through customs. The Colombians really cater to families, so we were placed in the short line. Woo-hoo! And since we had not any checked bags (thank you - idiot american run airlines), we were able to walk right past the throngs of people waiting for their items, and right into the capable hands of our escort from the hotel. SO GREAT!

We checked in and got to our room and CRASHED! The room is huge and the bed is comfortable. The Little Mermaid is still asleep and the Dudes are at breakfast. I’m about to hop in the shower.

We have to get back to the airport for our flight to Manizales, Colombia. So excited! This leg of the trip is only an hour and then we will be able to relax with our friends in the city on the mountain!

More later!