Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a busy day! After running around in a whirling dervish looking for kitty Dramamine, getting the van packed and kids ready, and parent’s lawn mowed and an attachment for the stroller at the store, and being denied kitty Dramamine from the vet’s office after looking at EVERY pet store in Winston Salem and checking the cats into the hotel we FINALLY made it to Carowinds Theme Park.

We caravanned with the V-C family, Sabby, Big D and Little C. Also, Jack the Dog. He chilled with our cats in the La Quinta. We stopped at the Wendy’s outside of the park, b/c it was lunch time by the time we drove up to the park, and why pay $15 for plain stale hotdog when you can get Wendy’s for 1/3 the cost? Huh? Why? WHY I ASK YOU!

You know the economy is bad when someone steals fast food. The Dude picked up our order and as he was filling the cokes SOMEONE ACTUALLY STOLE OUR FOOD! What is the world coming to? At least Wendy’s replaced the food for free. Good Grief!

Then we had to park in lower Slavonia because every single other spot was taken! Except for the VC family, someone happened to pull out of a primo spot, right next to the handicap parking. So we had to hoof it, but they had to wait for us.

The men split to ride roller coasters and the women and children chilled in the kiddie section. We rode the Dora the Explorer train; I rode the Flying Dutchman’s Revenge (think Sponge Bob Square Pants.) with the Little Mermaid. She also rode her first roller coaster! GO HER! I was so impressed! I HAD to buy the photo of us on it, as evidenced below.

I am so proud!

The weather was great. Overcast, warm, not hot, and just enough spritz and sprinkles to keep the locals at home and the lines short, but not enough to close any attractions. By the late afternoon Sabby and I were sticky from the humidity so we made our way to the water attraction side of the park. We met up with the men and hit the big wave pool the kids wore life vests and bobbed along with us (yes Mom, we held onto them – they weren’t just free floating on their own!) The Little Dude LOVED it. He was having so much fun, he didn’t even complain when an unexpected wave smacked him in the face!

We stayed at the pool for a long time, until about 5:30 and then the men split for some water slides and the women and children marched on to the neighboring sprinkler park for the little-uns. The water park closes at 7, so after the guys showed up, we took turns going into the locker rooms to change back into dry clothes. Now it was the mama’s turn! Sabby and I left the kids with the men and skipped over to the best roller coaster at Carowinds – After Burn (formerly known as Top Gun). I don’t know why they changed the name… my esophagus hurts just thinking about the word after burn. Like heart burn or something else equally unpleasant.

We met up with the men and the lines were so short we took turns watching the kiddies so we could ride the roller coaster with our hubbies. I got a great pic of Sabby and Big D. We rode in the front, and now I’m spoiled. It was AWESOME! I felt like I was flying!

After much more walking and then forcibly removing the men from the extreme rides we began the long trek, cross country to our van. Since we were staying in Charlotte, we wanted to go to our FAVOURITE NC restaurant… Mert’s Heart and Soul. The BEST cornbread and soul food EVER! Don’t believe me? Come and try it. Go on. The cornbread will make a believer out of anybody.

Now it’s midnight. The VC family is on their way home. Little Dude and Little Mermaid are asleep and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Time for bed.
Ciao for now!