Monday, July 14, 2008

VillaMaria and Miss Universe

How in the world did Ms. Kosovo with her alien-esque hair style make it to the top 10?
Yeah. I’m watching Miss Universe as I type.


I left you yesterday when we were on our way to a playground. It was small and cute. There is A LOT of bamboo growing wild all over Manizales. There was a cute patch along side the park. On the other side of the playground was the neighborhood Iglesia (church). There seem to be small Iglesias everywhere. We saw people walking to the service from the neighborhood. CC attended the service and we stood outside on the church patio with many others listening to the priest. The pews were packed! Also, outside, some church ladies were selling food. I ate the BEST empanadas in the world! They put mine to SHAME! So good! Once it started to rain we, CC’s sister in law the kids and the Dude and I, headed for home. The service was nearly complete and when we got home, CC soon followed.

Lunch was a Colombian version of spaghetti and chicken. A chicken broth soup was the precursor to the meal. We drank a traditional Colombian drink made from tomates de arbol. I know it sounds like tomatoes, but it was white and tomates de arbol are a local fruit – not our vegetables.

The Little Dude was cranky, even though he ate a lot, and when I tried to get him to sleep, he absolutely refused. So the 11 of us packed into 2 small cars and headed for the country. We hadn’t really counted on the rain, so our adventure turned into a car tour. We did stop at the main square of the Villa Maria. The kiddies got a mini bus ride that was powered by Fred’s two feet. Fred being the guy pushing the kid size bus around the square 3 times. Then the rain picked up and we were off to our next adventure.

CC showed us the schools in which she taught, as well as the local university she attended. We drove through the country and downtown Manizales. We are planning to walk around and take pictures another day. However the rain did not keep us from the highest point of the city. The rain subsided so we were able to walk around and I managed some pictures of the stunning view.

On to the food!

Obleas: A layered tortilla size treat. SO GOOD! First you take a flat round crispy wafer-like tortilla. Smear caramel sauce on one half and strawberry sauce on the other half. Then sprinkle unsweetened coconut shavings on half and a light mild crumbly cheese on the other half. Top this with another wafer. Add some fruit, sliced strawberries and cut brevas (a fig type fruit) in caramel sauce. Finally, lightly drizzle a white sweet sauce over the fruit and viola! Perfectamente!

Bunuelos: An egg shaped donut type cake - deep fried like a donut, but so light and just a hint of sweetness. Very very good!

Kumis: A yogurt type beverage. Not my favourite drink. It has a slight fermented taste similar to kefir (found in health food stores). Kunis must be an acquired taste.
Ok, I was typing this up as I watched the Miss Universe pageant on Colombian TV.

Miss Venezuela? Are you kidding me? It was TOTALLY between Miss Mexico and Miss Colombia. How Miss Russia beat out Mexico, with her unbrushed hair covering her face, I’ll never understand. The competition was between Mexico, USA (my unbiased opinion – even AFTER she fell flat on her booty), and COLOMBIA! Cha! Once USA and Mexico were out, it HAD to be Miss Colombia!

In the words of GOB (Arrested Development – rent it, watch it, love it) “C’mon!”

With that rant you know how my day ended. We came home, full from our food adventures and watched the pageant. Now, in my disgust I’m going to bed.