Thursday, July 31, 2008


Dad’s Dinner Night

Every Wednesday night is my Dad’s night to cook. Mom has the evening off and Padre-man brings something home. Tonight we had Chinese. Move over Campbell’s, it was Mmm Mmm Good!

I’ve mastered the paper folding purses and will begin to teach you tomorrow.

In the meantime, you need to cut 288 pieces of paper.
144 of these are your purse colours (try to use ads and pictures from magazines that don’t have a whole lot of white or text).
The other 144 pieces of paper can be text or anything else, you won’t see them at all.
You also need to cut 144 pieces of cellophane.

All of these pieces of paper should measure 2 ½ inches x 6 inches. For the cellophane, you can use crystal clear page protectors. If you use standard size protectors you will be able to get 12 pieces of 2 ½” x 5 ½” rectangles.

Cut these out and once you are finished cutting, grab a roll of scotch tape, a giant plastic needle or giant rounded tip embroidery needle; and either embroidery floss or fishing line.

In summary you need:
144 pieces of colourful magazine paper; 2 ½” x 6”
144 pieces of paper, 2 ½” x 6”
144 pieces of page protectors, 2 ½” x 5 ½”
Scotch Tape
Embroidery Floss, or fishing line
Giant Plastic or Rounded Tip Embroidery Needle

Meet me back here tomorrow and I’ll teach you how to fold your paper and start weaving together one of these AWESOME pocketbooks!

Ok, so back my life in Charleston…

As many of you know, my dear Mom has been getting really healthy. I am trying to follow her every move, b/c I desperately want to get healthy too. I weighed in Sunday morning at 255 ½! OMG! PEOPLE! That was a shocker. Remember, I’m 6 feet tall, but DAMN! That’s a lot.

Monday I weighed in at 252 ½ , Tuesday I forgot to weigh in before breakfast… and today I was (drum roll please!) 249 ½! Woohoo!

I’ve been more active here, but I need to step it up. I’m dying to get on my bike and ride to the pool and round the ‘hood. Haven’t gotten it together for that yet. Yesterday we packed the kids to the beach. It was so hot! Whew! Plus I was the family pack mule. I swear, I carried 95% of our stuff, including, chairs (4), umbrellas (3), a bag with towels (4) sunscreen, water (3 bottles), and extra clothes, beach toys (think multiple buckets, shovels etc…) It is a miracle that I made it. Sheesh! We parked ourselves too far from the water, it was low tide and it was like a mile from the dry sand to the water, okay not a mile, but a really long way and I was already pooped from dragging this gear from the car, across the street, down the boardwalk and into the sand. It was a beautiful day, but next time we are definitely bringing less crap and setting up shop closer to the water.

Today we checked out the pool.

It was so nice! I think we will have to make a daily trek to the pool I can def. bike there. It’s in the ‘hood so there are no real busy roads. The Pool is actually 3 pools: a little 1 foot baby pool, a 3- 4 ½ foot amoeba shape pool and a large rectangular lap pool. We hung out mainly in the big amoeba pool. The Little Mermaid swam, actually swam, and without complaint! Little Dude had fun going form me to Grandma and back again. And he found particular pleasure in following Little Mermaid around and annoying her. But she secretly loved it, you could tell, it was her entertainment. At one point, Mom and the kids had a mini conga line going. Very cute.

We are all getting a little tan, in spite of the sunscreen.

Ok, going now.
Don’t forget your supplies!
Beach Mama