Saturday, July 19, 2008

Me and Senor Valdez

Friday afternoon

CC’s neighbor owns and runs a café/ pastry shop called La Suiza. She is Colombian and her husband is Swiss, hence La Suiza (the Swiss). After the Little Dude’s nap we went to La Suiza. We each had a different dessert, The Dude had tea and tiramisu, CC had a coke and a chocolate/ hazelnut/ raspberry pastry, Little Mermaid had milk and a thick brownie and I had passion fruit ice cream and coffee. My helado (ice cream) had whip cream on top and 3 stick cookies. Little dude ate the cookies and whipped cream.

After our tasty desserts, we walked over to Juan Valdez, my new crush. Good thing for the Dude that Juan is just a character. We bought coffee beans and Dude got a polo style shirt. As Dude paid, the kids and I walked around on the café patio. There was a trick bike show and several vendors with handmade goods set up on the street level. The trick bike show was pumping Latin music with a heavy beat and the kids danced on the patio. They were so cute! Yup, I’ve got videos. I’ll be loading all that stuff as soon as I get back to the states. The internet keeps timing out on me here.

The vendors varied from lame to very cool. Some were selling candles, other jewelry. I really liked the handmade paper boxes. I think they were made from recycled cardboard, shaped and glued together. Then painted and embellished. I’ll have to try making those at home.

It was pretty dark after all our walking around so we headed home. Once there, CC, the Dude and Little Mermaid went to a local fast food restaurant to grab some food for dinner. While they were doing that, I set up some of the videos that I had edited for us to watch as we ate.

By the time we were done watching videos and looking at pictures, Little Dude was totally grumpy. It was time for bed. He fell asleep quickly and I flipped through the channels on the TV. I found The 40 Year Old Virgin with Spanish subtitles and the Dude came in to watch some of it with me. It’s pretty funny to read the Spanish translation of what they are saying!

Later gators!