Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Muchas Amigas

I think that CC must be the most popular person in all of Manizales. Everywhere we go at least 3 new people find her. Even when she’s driving, if we’re at a stop sign someone will holler out to her. It’s weird but cool. Like being with a celebrity.

Today was a first though. Things are always rather tranquil at the house of CC. Today, while Jack was still napping, and after CC came back from visiting her aunt and uncle, CC, her mother and I were sitting around the table when out of the corner of my eye I saw a car pull up the driveway. “Un Coche.” I said. “Donde?” they replied. “In the driveway.” (yeah, my Spanish is not THAT advanced. C’mon!)

CC went to the front door and peeked through the key hole. Then she opened the door and who should come into the house but 8 people! I recognized CC’s sister-in-law and los ninos. The entourage consisted of her parent’s and siblings. Two sisters and 1 brother. They were a lot of fun. I never felt so at home. If you’ve ever been to a meal or event with my family (and my extended family) then you know what I mean. It got real loud, real quick. Just as we were getting settled in, the door bell rang. The oldest sister (we are so much a like, I swear we were separated at birth) and I went to answer it and try to figure out how to open the door. Yes, I already told you, it IS that complicated.

Three women were standing there and Sis and I were like, ‘yeah?’ They started talking rapid fire and I began to slowly back away. Were they trying to sell us something? Convert us to some new religion? CC’s mom beckoned them in. Apparently they are college friends of CC and they just dropped in to say hi before she left. Now it got really loud. Mom – you would have loved it!

After much visitation and lots of hugs and photos someone said that magic word, OBLEAS. If you aren’t familiar with obleas, scan down and read about them. It’s worth it. Everyone packed into their respective cars and the plan was to meet on the hill where one can find the best obleas. When we got there, the car with CC’s friends arrived, but the car with the relatives was nowhere to be found. Thus begins the freak-out of 2008. CC had her friends calling on their cell phones trying to get in touch with her sister-in-law. For 20 minutes we can’t get a hold of anyone. Finally someone picks up SIL’s phone. She’s left it at the house! Turn that freak out meter up a notch. CC calls her brother but the reception is really bad and the friends are frantically dialing numbers. Well, somebody got a hold of someone. The Relative Car stopped for gas. Then SIL realized her phone was at the house, so they went back for it. By then it was getting dark, so they decided to drive home (they live about 90 minutes away).

Well, the freak-out cut into prime oblea eating, thus, we went to a restaurant to eat. Little Mermaid had a hotdog, on a bun with ketchup. The Dude ordered empanadas (not as good as the Iglesias. Maybe they were touched by G-d?) I told the girls that I wanted something authentic and Colombian. I ended up with a plate with a layer dish on it. Think pizza but oblong and no sauce. The dough was a huge smooshed plantain that was lightly fried. Then add a thin layer of patty (I think beef), add some bacon (oh yeah, this was SO NOT VEGAN!), cheese, shredded chicken and… wait for it… SHRIMP! Oh my…

I’m not sure what it is called but I ate it all. And it was good. And I don’t even feel guilty.

Plus the other ladies had them too. Except CC. She ate a hotdog.

Little Dude was inconsolable for most of the meal. We tried to feed him and offer him drinks. The Dude walked with him. I held him and walked around. I put him in the sling. Dude changed his diaper. NOTHING WORKED. Then one of the girls offered to walk around the restaurant with him. TA FREAKIN’ DA

She must be a witch. Because she cast some sort of magic spell over that baby, and the rest of the night she was the only one who could make him happy. If she is a witch, she’s a nice one… like Hermione. And she’s pretty.

After our dank (that means good, rookies.) dinner the Lady in Red (she was the friend in the Red Suit) and Little Mermaid and I walked across the street to a mini-mart. We looked at the cool Colombian candy. She told us all about the different treats. Including one that is made right there in Manizales. Little Mermaid picked a couple of things out and I actually paid. I understood the cashier and everything. I even gave exact change! I KNOW! Snaps to me.

Now we are home again. We are all going to bed. Tomorrow evening we are going to the Lady in Red’s house for dinner, or something. And I think CC is going to take us shopping again. I still need to buy coffee!!!

Oh, by the way, Juan Valdez is invading AMERICA! You lucky ducks in New York City are the first to be blessed with a Juan Valdez Café. I highly suggest you go and get some kick @$$ coffee. It puts Starbucks to SHAME!

Ok, more later!